World leaders in precision formation and graceful aerobatics. Two thousand displays over two decades, across four continents to 2 billion spectators.


Skytyping is the world’s foremost aerial advertising medium. A thousand times larger than a ground-based billboard, Skytyping can be delivered direct over your target audience/event.

aerobatic training

Yak 52 Flight training delivered from our team headquarters at Henstridge Airfield (EGHS).

AOPA Aerobatic Courses | Ab-Initio | UPRT | Formation 


The UK’s largest collection of aircraft parts for Lithuanian/Romanian/Ukrainian light aircraft, plus avionics, instruments engine oil & smoke oil for the GA fleet.


Yakovlevs-branded gifts: clothing, chronographs, aerobatic flights and more.


Associate business paint specialist NDCR can help make your aircraft the envy of the flight line.

Green Community Initiative