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The Yakovlevs are a UK based six-aircraft formation and aerobatic display team who have earned a reputation for excellence over the last 18 years, delighting well over two billion people in the process, across four continents.

In 2012 the team broke China Central Television (CCTV) viewing figures, attracting more than 380 million spectators over a five-day period when they were displaying at Faku on the North Korean border for the first ever AOPA China Airday.

Consummate believers in pushing the boundaries of high performance, The Yakovlevs exude the highest of standards in every aspect of their operation. The team is a specialist airborne display team flying authentic cold war Russian war-bird aircraft in precise, yet graceful combinations of tight formations and exciting aerobatics, high speed passes and breath-taking crosses.

Our headquarters are at Henstridge Airfield, in Somerset. With state-of-the-art modern corporate facilities, it is an ideal location to meet the team, hold your own meetings or take part in some inspiring leadership development that is based on hard earned experience.

Also, with 800 sqm of hangar space we have more than enough room to entertain up to 200 people at a time, so book us now for your next corporate entertainment day; to come and meet the team, watch us display, let us take you flying, and enjoy a hangar ball at the end of a fun-packed day.


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Day 6...... (I think) here in Henan Provence China and Day 4 of the big build..... last day of good weather just before the storms come in and of course just as we are ready to get the aircraft flying..... jeeeeees....!

Very long and busy day yesterday on the build....all 6 tails built plus 2 aircraft complete... 4 sets of wings to go.... easy...gulp....😳. The boys are working hard..... and thanks again to Alexis Delefosse for his help in our time of need....

Weather is beautiful.... air quality and visibility still a bit iffy but temperatures pretty stable around 28-29 C so a bit warm to be scratching around under aircraft......

Not much more to report.... it’s a bit like ground hog day... get up... build aircraft... back to hotel... sleep... repeat....!
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Day 4 here in Henan province China at the Zhengzhou 2018 airshow.

The build is getting going now with the engineers here and off the starting block like a shot. We are one down due to a family emergency, our thoughts are with Robert at this difficult time....

Lead aircraft Yak 52 almost completely done... engine test tomorrow. Should have the first single seat 50 complete as well.

Long day but lovely sunset through the haze to go home with... Dinner function with our agent Siyu and a surprise visit from chef to chat meals for the week.

Early start at 06.00hrs tomorrow, need to get a bit of a wiggle on and get these aircraft ready....
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Air’s a bit iffy....! End of the week not looking too good ... See MoreSee Less

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Day 2 here on site in Zhengzhou China, nice to be back and looking forward to some fantastic flying with some amazing teams from around the world. Containers are all here.. No 3 was a little delays but all here safe and sound. No 2 & 3 are placed a bit of a distance away from the hanger where we are building them...160 metres so it’s a bit of a trek to get get them moved... luckily the temperature is not too high.

Opened them up and all looks good with no damage. The G trackers showed some big jolts of around +30g and -20g but we look as though it’s not caused any issues....Will know more tomorrow.

Hotel is ok and only 10 minutes from the airport, moving to the mountain hotel on the 22nd... breakfast is a little interesting....luckily we have marmite... just need the bred and butter.....would kill for a latte.....

More news when we can...
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On our way..... Last meal in T2 Heathrow.
Flight was lovely... we were both asleep by the top of the climb and woke up 45 mins before landing.
Great views of the Great Wall of China.
5 hours in Beijing and then final 2 hour flight to Zhengzhou to arrive at 23.00 tonight.
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