The TY91 is a fully certified 25 kHz / 8.33kHz VHF radio. The 6 watt model is ideal for the majority of light sport and general aviation pilots.  

£1194.00 inc. VAT

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TRIG’s elegant and feature-rich VHF radio – designed for general aviation and light sport pilots everywhere.

£2040.00 inc. VAT

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tt21 class 2 mode s transponder
tt31 class 1 mode s transponder

The worlds’ smallest and lightest GA Mode S transponder. The TT21 provides a great value way to become Mode S equipped and ADS-B capable (Class 2).

£1668.00 inc. VAT

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TRIG’s class leading Mode S and ADS-B capable transponder. It’s the perfect choice for both aircraft upgrades and new installations. 

£2028.00 inc. VAT

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