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Did you know that a huge proportion of what it means to perform as part of the Yakovlevs means working hard at being an integrated team? When the boys fly in formation, wingtips just meters apart, it is essential to work well together, and have trust as an integral part of the team. Find out what you can bring to your team to optimise performance by having a look at our following team building events:



Come and meet our pilots and listen to them speak about their careers, what challenges they have faced, and how they overcame them.

“It is amazing how many skills actually apply over a variety of different industries,” lead pilot Jez Hopkinson said. “A positive mental attitude, and a practical application of resources is key to ensuring your team performs at its highest potential.”

In addition to their day jobs in the cockpit, our pilots are also highly skilled motivational speakers who have performed at a variety of events, whether in a corporate setting, or in front of smaller, more intimate audiences. We can cater for a variety of different events, whether you need a bespoke package, or would like us to surprise you. We can travel down to a venue of your choice, or arrange for speaking engagements to be held at our HQ, complete with a tour of the aircraft, and maybe even your own private display if you’re lucky!



Find out how to use simple tools all around you to overcome obstacles, and reach your goal. By using simple survival techniques in an aviation-based setting, we can provide you with a package that teaches you basic skills to survive in a number of environments, but making sure you are having fun in the process too. Learn more about different equipment that could save your life in a tight situation, and learn how to use them effectively. We can cater to small parties, as well as larger events. Survival courses are usually held at our HQ, but also includes a visit to another location as part of the course. We can arrange for a full overnight event, and have a full catering service available.

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